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1. eScapes Content

The content backbone of your Private Television Network is eScapes' patented Hybrid Radio Television (HRT) system.

HRT combines beautiful high-definition video, a calming on-air personality, and soothing adult contemporary music to create a therapeutic, stress-reducing space for mind and body. eScapes HRT content plays in the main portion of the screen and typically represents one zone.

2. Your Logo

Another zone contains your name or logo, which remains on screen at all times, letting all viewers know that this is your private television network.

Your brand and company image are on display, helping you develop deeper customer loyalty as you provide a relaxing environment.

3. Date and Time

Date and time zones are located in the corners of your PTN screen. You may decide to enable these date and time widgets to be shown or not. These zones are small enough to be unobtrusive while they inform your customers and network viewers.

4. Messages

Along the bottom of the screen, you may decide to enable custom messages or an RSS feed that slowly scrolls from left to right in a message zone.

Here you may want to send specific customer messages, information on products and services, specials, seasonal items, or community events. You decide how frequently these messages change.

5. Memorable Branding

Branding is not just about reaching your target market; it’s about making your brand memorable compared to your competitors.

Pairing your brand with compelling eScapes content is an affordable, effective way to give your customers a memorable experience while communicating your message when they're most receptive.

1. What is a Private Television Network?

A Private Television Network (PTN) is your own branded relaxation television channel that creates a relaxing atmosphere and reinforces your brand with place-based marketing. An eScapes PTN creates a pleasant, stress-free environment by combining serene HD programming and soothing music with your custom messaging that raises customer awareness and promotes your products and services. Your PTN is your own in-house communications platform at a cost that's significantly less than your monthly cable or satellite bill. It’s never been easier to enhance your brand and professional image with your own PTN – whether you have a single office or hundreds of locations.

2. What are the benefits of a PTN?

A PTN offers you and your customers many benefits:

• eScapes-Patented 24/7 Hybrid Radio/Television (HRT) content provides powerful and serene episodes of scenic locations and subjects combined with soothing music that engages your clients, patients, visitors, and staff. Over 40 hours of non-repeating HRT programming with monthly updates refreshing the playlist.

• Maximize your patient/client experience – relaxed customers perceive time differently and waiting times seem much shorter. Research has demonstrated that people in a relaxed state of mind retain more information and they also perceive goods and services as having higher monetary valuations.

• A dynamic communications platform that delivers customized, on-demand text messaging, RSS feed, video, static graphic, or banner ads, whenever and wherever you want them. Community outreach, Event Calendars, Products, and Services are opportunities to inform and promote, on a continual basis, to your customers

• Complete control over the playlist, whether you create it or we do it for you. For example, insert a training video that plays at 8:30 AM on Monday’s in the month of March. Managing the playlist is easy and it’s all under your control.

• High quality, professional television branding and image enhancement. A powerful place-based marketing system customized specifically for your business.

• Eliminate competitors' on-screen advertising and stop the fighting over the TV remote control.

• A self-funding profit center through third-party advertising sales, corporate sponsorship, and underwriting. Ask us about our customer’s success stories!

3. How does the PTN technology work?

eScapes HRT content originates from our studio and is played out locally to one or more screens using our Ethernet-enabled PTN controller. Content and episode files, ads, and playlists on the PTN controller are managed and loaded via the Internet. This technology supports a single facility or disparate, multi-point locations alike. Our technology team works with you or your IT staff to deliver the right solution for your organization.

Watch Demos by Industry Request a Quote